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Four albums in the works

Published:Sunday | March 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Toots Hibbert, along with A.J. Brown, performs on the Studio 38 series tonight at Pulse Headquarters, Trafalgar Road, New Kingston. It is an all too rare showing in Jamaica. However, Hibbert has been making his presence felt in the recording studio.

He has a quartet of albums in the works, each with a different personality and sound. They are Flip and Twist, slated for release in a few weeks, which he described as "R&B and a little reggae"; Toots, Rock, Reggae; Toots Sings Gospel; and an acoustic set, recorded at Strawberry Hill for a BBC documentary.

"Today is not like first time. The more records you have out, the better. The more records that I have that make sense and give wisdom, knowledge and overstanding, you can release a lot of that," Hibbert said. However, he said, "If the song don't make good knowledge, wisdom and overstanding, it don't suit you to release it. The negative cause too much problem, the killing and all that."

'flip and twist' songs

Among the songs on Flip and Twist are Perfect Lover, the gospel Almighty Way, Maybe Yow, Daddy and Good Woman. The gospel set includes Oh For a Closer Walk With God and Got to Feel It, while the acoustic set contains some of the classics - Sweet and Dandy, Do The Reggay, Time Tough, 54-46, Monkey Man and Never Grow Old.

The albums are to be released on his D&F Music label, with Flip and Twist slated for digital distribution. In addition, it will be available in CD format when Toots is on tour, as well as in specialty stores.

The acoustic album was a family affair, noted Hibbert, stating that his son was on bass and his daughter on harmony, with a percussionist rounding out the outfit for the night. He said the documentary is entitled Do The Reggay and "is the story of the artiste, the times and the development of the music".

- Mel Cooke