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Published:Sunday | March 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Sandra Brooks

Evangelist Sandra Brooks calls for national day of repentance

Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator

AT A time when the Jamaican economy is sliding and more than 360 persons have been killed violently since the start of the year, evangelist Sandra Brooks says she has got a revelation from God, that if Prime Minister Bruce Golding does not call for a national day of repentance, then the country will be plunged into deeper trouble.

"There are going to be disasters and an increase in bloodshed," the evangelist warns.

She has since written to the prime minister, copied to the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Olivia Grange, requesting their assistance in getting the National Stadium or some other venue to stage the event.

Contacted yesterday, Minister Grange confirmed receiving a letter from the evangelist. She said the prime minister instructed her to meet with Brooks. She plans to do this sometime next week.

Emancipation day repentance

"Our Lord Jesus is saying to the prime minister of Jamaica that he should declare August 1, 2010, a national day of repentance, and I have requested that this be done," said Brooks, who is also a popular gospel artiste.

Speaking convincingly during an interview with The Sunday Gleaner on Wednesday, Brooks explained that God gave her a mandate three years ago to save the nation. Ever since that time, she has been praying about it because God revealed to her that the nation was in trouble.

"I am calling on all blood-washed anointed intercessors to let us join together in prayer and fasting to intercede on behalf of our nation. It will take only a divine intervention to change what is to come. United we will stand but divided we will surely fall. We are not wrestling against flesh and blood but principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places," the evangelist stressed.

She said the mandate God gave her includes a series of crusades and concerts to be held over a two-year period, geared towards the revival of the nation, especially the garrison communities. Brooks further argued that in order for a spiritual revival to come, a national repentance has to take place first.

Too many churches in Jamaica, she said are "satanic, worshipping the devil, going where Satan wants them to go.

"Our own children that you see going missing are being used as sacrifice to the Devil. The Devil can use you, the Devil can use your mind," she said. "Our country is bound by spiritual forces, demonic activities, and we have to free ourselves from these demonic activities in order for God to bless us," Brooks declared.

The evangelist said Jamaica was built on corruption and God did not give a mandate without a blueprint.

"God says at least 300 intercessors must go into the garrison communities and bind the satanic activities," said Brooks.

She said the Church alone could not do it, the Church itself was in error, and that was why the nation was like this.

Church has lost its power

"Days gone by when church was living, you couldn't come inside the church with sin. As you enter, somebody would start rebuking and put you to the altar. Today, people are quickly going to obeahman, because when they go to him, him a tell them everything, and a so it go," the born-again Christian said.

She charged that the prophets are silent in the Church, the Church has lost its power, there are more satanic activities taking over Jamaica, and that is why the violence cannot stop. Brooks said the Church has become a social club where you go and greet and meet.

"The police can't help, neither the Government, only Jesus Christ can help right now. We have to turn from our wicked ways," she warned.