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Robin's Bay round-up

Published:Sunday | March 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Kay-Ann White could hardly wait to get a photo opportunity with her favourite reggae crooner, Beres Hammond.
Singer/songwriter and son of St Mary, Beres Hammond, greets Raymond Donaldson on arrival at the annual Sankey Party on Saturday, March 20.
Guests get down to a rollicking good time on the dance floor.
Thelma Rose Walcott (left) gets a warm hug from long-time friend Moyra DeLisser.
There was no stopping this group of friends from enjoying themselves at Saturday's Sankey Party. From left are Kay White, Trevor Blair, Nadia Mitchell and Novlet Green. - photos by Barbara Ellington
From left: Ronald Young, Norman Wright, Wesley Saulter and Trevor Fuller having a grand time at the party.
Thelma Rose Walcott and Ossel Campbell at the annual Sankey Party at Robin's Bay, St Mary.

After a ride on one of the most pothole-riddled roads, guests arrived at the picturesque Robin's Bay in St Mary for Lanville Henry's annual Sankey Party. Saturday, March 20 was beautiful and the rains that threatened did not come at all.

The turnout was not as massive as former years', even though regulars begged organisers to reconsider a cancellation when word went out that the prevailing economic climate would not allow them to host it gratis this year. Those in attendance agreed that the $2,500 was more than worth the copious amounts of liquor, enough food to feed the biblical 5,000 and an ambience that was both healthy and secure. And as for the music, there were genres for all tastes and many did not leave the dance floor, even after their clothes became soaking wet.

Well done, Lanville! What a vibe; perhaps you need to package the formula for a successful session away from the city and sell it. May the party continue for many more years.


Among those spotted were Beres Hammond; Dr Winston Newell; Julette Fuller; Kay-Ann White; Hardley Lewin and wife Tessa; Seya Henry; Sydney Roberts; Richard Fontaine, Paul Stewart, R. Peter Gregory; Thelma Rose Walcott, Yahneake Sterling; Tasha Wilson; Ossel Campbell; Raymond Donaldson; Clive Chambers; Norman 'Jughead' Wright, Howard Hamilton. Ian Randle, Trevor and Lorraine Fuller; Maurice Foster; Gilbert Scott; Helen Deans; Harry and Ann-Marie Smith; Paul Arscott; and Derrick Rose.

We spotted some members of the white rum posse: Clover Thompson; Eileen and Clayton Donaldson; Lorna Bess; Carl Percy and Carmen Brown. Also seen were Lorna Cheung; Russel Thompson; Dr Gordon Robotham; Jerry White; Cerina Percy, Ronald Young, Wesley Saulter; Nadia Mitchell; Novlet Green, Elaine Saunders and many more.