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Published:Monday | March 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Much ado about a statue

Dr Carolyn Cooper mentioned in her article of Sunday, March 28, that the statue in Morant Bay did not resemble Paul Bogle. I was a bit disappointed that she did not give clearer reasons for her opinion. After all, it has been bandied about that no verifiable images of Mr Bogle exist.

It would have also been good to say something about his family background.

Years ago I made the trek to Stony Gut where Mr. Bogle supposedly lived, but I found nothing to indicate the historical significance of that place.

Overseas Jamaican

Knight's arrogance

The arrogance of K.D. Knight is comparable to Jamaica's current fiscal deficit. His calling Senate leader of government business and Minister of Justice Dorothy Lightbourne "stupid", was rude, arrogant and out of order, even if he is proved correct that he broke no Senate rules in doing so.

In short, what Mr Knight did could itself be described as "stupid". As a former foreign affairs minister and seasoned attorney, he is well aware of the power that words have and how important it is that he expresses himself appropriately at all times in the execution of his duties, even when trading verbal barbs with his Senate colleagues on the Government side.

I would urge Mr Knight to take a page out of the book of his former Cabinet colleague Burchell Whiteman and his former boss, P.J. Patterson. Both these gentlemen were always cordial and polite in how they communicated with their colleagues, members of the Opposition and the media.

Patrick A. Gallimore

Speak the truth

When I was a child there was a nursery rhyme that I was taught that goes : "Speak the truth and speak it ever, cost it what it will, he who hides the wrong he did does the wrong thing still."

I would like to give this advice to those who have offered us their services to represent us as our leaders. I love my country and I do not want for it to continue being maligned by others. We are a strong and proud people who always strive to stand out in a crowd but at this time for most of us we have to be hiding, holding our heads in shame, not for our own action but for that of our leaders.

When people like Usain Bolt and all our other sportsmen and women help us to hold our heads high, corrupt politicians just push us back under. I believe it is time for some honest people to represent us.

Winston Mathison