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Shut up!

Published:Monday | March 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

For some reason, men are not known for keeping their secrets to themselves.

Maybe it's because men don't think as far ahead as women do with anything, including speech. So before they know it, that piece of information that was not supposed to come out has already been said. Or, perhaps men and women have a different scale when measuring topics that should make you irate. Either way, men just 'talk di tings dem'. Cue the shocked and angry looks on the faces of the wife/girlfriend.

Whatever the reason, the secrets/taboo statements just keep coming out. But even the most loose-tongued male knows there are some things you just don't tell the little miss in your life. Chief among them:

"Sure, she'll want you to have experience but that doesn't mean she needs to hear every sordid detail," said Malcolm. "This is worse if she knows a few of the others and doesn't think very highly of them." He also pointed out that if she begins to think that you're just with her for sex, (based on your confessed history), then you're in real trouble. You might genuinely think she's the one, but she may be very insecure by then.

Other 'don't tells' that most likely will get you in trouble don't even have to be of the physical nature.

"Never tell your girl that you still think about, or worse, 'have feelings' for your ex," said Bobby. If a man thinks about it rationally, it's perfect logic. You wouldn't want to hear that from your girl, so more than likely, she doesn't want to hear it from you. Comments about those close to her should also be kept to a low minimum, like zero!

"Don't say a word about her mother. Even if you don't like her, don't tell your girl," said Andrew. That is assuming your significant other and her mother are in good relations. Unless she says negative stuff herself, best to leave her mother out of any conversation, unless absolutely relevant to the topic.

Other 'don't tells' include:

that she really looks ugly in what you know is her favourite dress,

you think her best friend is sexier than she is,

the first things that attracted you to her were her breasts.

You've been warned fellas. Now shut up!