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Be healthy, wealthy and wise (Part 3)

Published:Monday | March 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Dr Edward Layne
Elaine Bryan

Elaine Grant Bryan, Contributor

As we remain on a path for financial freedom, plan to be healthy, wealthy and wise as together we try to lose 25 pounds by May. As Dr Waine Kong said, "If you are sick, you are spending money, not making it." Let us continue to support each other while using these health tips as a guide to achieving our weight-loss goals.


If you cannot resist 'sweets'' take a high-quality carb blocker before you eat.

Force yourself to continue a daily exercise routine. Do not sit all day. walk around while at work or school.

Eat smart: Use one-third of the plate for the protein of your choice and the other two-thirds should be filled with the most colourful combination of salads, greens, fruits and veggies.

Good health is a prerequisite to enjoying financial freedom.

Dr Edward Layne, who is a gastroenterologist from Harvard University, founder of: and vice-president of Picture of Health Foundation, is one of our consultants who had some tips for our weight-loss challenge this year. This renowned medical expert is also the Honorary Consul, Atlanta, Georgia. During an interview, he stated that, "What we must do is improve the current health system of crisis care, as this is unsustainable. This system will bankrupt any country so we should now move to a preventive model of health care."

There is a team of doctors who you may contact by going to his website; they are all experts in their medical specialties. Dr Layne also advises that we eat small meals every three hours and avoid eating three big meals, because our digestive system works best with small frequent meals.

Personal Progress

Since starting this weight-loss challenge, I have dropped 16 pounds by following the medical tips from the doctors - Melanye Maclin, Waine Kong, Donovan Christie and Edward Layne, have been extremely helpful in assisting me with this endeavour to lose 25 pounds by the end of May. Continue to join me as we support each other and also, remember the What What What Approach - What you do with what you have determines what you become. We have each other, including these medical experts, so reach out to them as we lose these extra pounds by May, 2010.

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