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Revitalising your assets

Published:Monday | March 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

By: D-Empress, Contributor

"I've decided 2010 is the year that I'm going to show off my assets!" So, declared one of my matriarchs at a tea gathering last week. We all held our breath.

"Yes, I'm 60 years old, and I've decided I've got four fabulous assets and I'm not using them. I'm going to get me a young man and use these assets for anything else I want to get," she said.

Now, our tea gatherings are legendary spaces for raucous laughter, bonding and insightful learnings. None of us was quite prepared for this one! We all looked on, intrigued.

Before anyone could blush, Mama T, who has been widowed for nearly 15 years, disappeared into her room and came out five minutes later looking fabulous in a two-piece animal chiffon print.

As she had assured us, her legs were assets indeed. Not a wrinkle, blemish or touch of cellulite - wow! What a revelation! It was her brash confidence and clear intention to attract a mate that unsettled the tea party.

Neatly composed circle

Our neatly composed circle quickly disintegrated into a high-five, hand-slapping, 'you go-girl' cacophony of laughter. Behind the laughter and the joy, however, I sensed that Mama T had stirred up a pot of soup that few are willing to sup.

I was surrounded by matriarchs, probably the youngest one in the room; I took a moment to step out of the circle and watch. I observed how Mama T's declaration to revitalise her assets ignited sparks of excited dialogue about men and their sexuality in the twilight years.

Interesting discussion

It was an interesting discussion. Once the hand claps had died down, Mama T went on to remind us how the man she was about to ensnare must be a young man.

Her rationale was not about energy! No, it's that sperm is seed and carries energy. So, any age-match for Mama T would, quite literally, give her wrinkles. Why? It's encoded in his DNA! Mama's reasoning is, she is fabulous at 60 and wants to stay that way!

Jokes apart, I can hear the whispered comments now. "Where's a big woman like that going in a mini skirt. It's inappropriate!"

It's so easy to be judgmental, less appealing to scratch beneath the surface and find the invitation in the message. Seems to me that in revitalising her assets, Mama T is also holding up the mirror to question society's conditioning about sexuality and age.

A perspective check begs the question; Why is it acceptable for an unmarried teenager to expose her midriff in low-rise jeans and inappropriate for a woman who has been married and has had many children.

The ancient wisdom of the matriarchs would point the younger generation to explore why cultivating a sense of modest custodianship over their budding assets is highly appropriate.

They would also highlight the fact that Mama T is a messenger tasked with inspiring others to look deeper within.

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