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Jamaica's downward slide

Published:Monday | March 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM


AS I see it, apart from a few coups and the devastation caused by the recent earthquake in Haiti, Jamaica is not much better off.

Like Haiti, Jamaica is a very religious nation, where the Government is run by the dictates of the rich and influential and at the expense of the poor majority. Both countries are consuming nations with large number of merchant/ traders importing everything and exporting few. Some pay little or no tax and they cart off huge profit to the tune of millions that they deposit in foreign banks.

Both countries have failed government(s), corrupt government agencies and officials, including within the justice system and police force. Both have inefficient tax-collection systems, poor roads and water supply systems.

Strong leadership needed

The Haitian government owned no essential service, airline, water or power. In short order, if the Bruce Golding administration continues the present trend (the great sale of Jamaica's assets), the country will slip to the level of Haiti.

This downward trend can and will be halted and reversed if and when we have strong leaders who have a plan and will demand accountability and responsibility from every component of govern-ment and citizenry; leaders who will think outside the box and not in their partisan interests; something that the present government promised, but to date has not delivered.

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