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Invest in the poor

Published:Monday | March 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Dr Shand Dockery, examines 10 year-old Shemar Moore, during a health fair last Saturday. The annual fair was put on by Food For the Poor and the New Kingston Lions Club at the St Joseph's Hospital in Kingston. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Apostle Steve Lyston, Contributor

Helping and serving human needs are closest to God's heart. What God considers precious are caring for the needy and personal holiness. It doesn't matter what is our religion, looking out for and defending the poor brings pleasure to God.

Data show that over 25,000 children die of hunger daily. At least 80 per cent of humanity lives on less than US$10 per day. For every $1 in aid that is spent to help the poor, $25 is spent on debt repayment.

Proverbs 19: 17 tells us that if we pity the poor we lend to the Lord. Caring for the poor is an investment with God, and He promises to repay those who care. Sheltering homeless families, visiting a despondent prisoner, feeding a hungry child are wise investments.

One of the main reasons that so many VIP's are becoming ill is that they have forgotten that the number one criterion for their stewardship is to help the poor. Psalms 41: 1-3 outline that there are seven benefits we receive for helping the poor; and those benefits are going uncollected.

When you give to the poor, God will not forget your work (Hebrews 6: 10)

It doesn't matter what economic measure nations implement, no change will come unless this issue is addressed!

In 2007, the world was given an opportunity to receive the blessings of God according to Deuteronomy 15. It was an opportunity for major companies and developed nations to forgive the debts of smaller countries and developing nations. Also, it was an opportunity for the developed and developing nations to write off the debts of the people. However, because of leaders' disobedience, a recession came about.

Once we obey, then we will be recession-proof.

It is sad that more money is spent on the following than helping the poor:

Arms and ammunition





Road repairs

In some developed countries, more is being spent on animals, livestock and cosmetics than what is spent on the poor.

If this is not addressed quickly, then the margin between the poor and the rich will diminish. There will be no buyers, no sellers and they will lose the favour of GOD. As soon as it is addressed, there will be a reduction in crime, violence and poverty, and an increase in education, and a transformation in the world's economic situation.

There are many things that we can do to deal with this matter.

How Companies can help the poor:

Give ten per cent - cash or kind - towards humanitarian efforts and another ten per cent as a tithe to the house of God.

All-inclusive hotels in particular should make a significant contribution by cutting down on wastage and channelling that excess to the poor.

How Government can help the poor:

Allow items to be brought in duty free by the not-for-profit organisations; such companies should then be given tax cuts towards humanitarian efforts.

Implement a humanitarian and compassion tax where the revenue collected will be used solely to help the poor.

Make cuts in other areas such as the gas tax and security budget and put the earnings towards helping the poor.

Political representatives can cut some of their perks (travelling, number of cell phones) as in Nehemiah 5.

How Farmers can help the poor:

Help to reduce poverty - as is seen in Leviticus 19: 9 - 10, which speaks about the Law of Gleaning. It will reduce praedial larceny and improve the agricultural sector.

The secret to the success of any leader - political, governmental or non-governmental - is to be a champion for the poor. (Proverbs 31: 8-9; Proverbs 22: 22-23; Proverbs 14-31). Failure to do so will cause judgement on the earth.

The success of many in the past, including persons that were raised from the dead such as Dorcas (Acts 9: 36 - 43) is due to the fact that they took great care of the poor. So it is clear that God will support any leader that will champion the cause of the poor - including healing them on their 'sick beds'!

Apostle Steve Lyston is a Biblical Economics Consultant and Author of several books, including End Time Finance and The New Millionaire