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Good art always stirs emotions

Published:Wednesday | March 31, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I must concur with Garnett Roper's letter to The Gleaner yesterday titled 'Tuku Tuku' dispute over statue.

The problem with Professor Carolyn Cooper is that she must believe that art must follow certain standards to be considered good. Pablo Picasso's art broke all the accepted rules yet, today, he is recognised as on of the premier artists of his time. The same is also true of Vincent VanGogh.

Good art always stirs emotions and discussion. This is certainly the case with the Paul Bogle statue which exudes a sense of tree-like strength which was the intent of the sculptor. Likewise, the Emancipation Park statue, a representation of virile manhood and fertile womanhood, symbolises strength and growth.

I have seen bigger penises and breasts on statues throughout Europe. Several decades ago, Mrs Ogle, my art teacher at Calabar instilled in her students an appreciation for all art forms. It is unfortunate that Professor Cooper was not blessed with such an inspiring teacher.

I am, etc.,

R. Oscar Lofters

Kingston 8