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This is bigger than KC

Published:Wednesday | March 31, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I feel compelled to comment on your editorial entitled 'The shaming of Champs' published yesterday. While the points raised generally are worthy of note, the particular reference to a Kingston College student celebrating his successful jump in a certain manner, is misplaced and is reminiscent of the proverbial "building a mountain out of a mole hill".

Your comment that his action suggested "that it is cool to back your nine and fire randomly in celebration", is to impute motive for which there is no basis, and only serves to bring the student into disrepute and, by extension, his school.

Editor, you must remember that the young man is a product of our society and culture, and is not unique. His behaviour is out of place and must not be condoned. I am sure his coach would have reprimanded him immediately after he displayed that type of behaviour.

Senior executives

Showboating has been a part of sporting competitions for a long time, and different participants celebrate their successes in many different ways, particularly track-and-field competitions. I have attended social activities and observed senior executives displaying a similar type of behaviour when they hear their favourite songs. Check out a soca party or a dancehall session.

I am confident that the youngster meant no harm and was carried away by the moment of keen competition. I do not think his behaviour diminished our glorious Champs, as there were so many positives, which you could have highlighted, including the calibre of our young athletes and our passionate spectators. Don't forget corporate sponsorship.

Editor, it is part of the culture of some young people to "bus a few blanks" in celebration.

Again, this type of behaviour is anti-social and must not be condoned. This is bigger than Kingston College.

I am, etc.,

Anthony O'Gilvie

Kingston 19