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LETTER OF THE DAY - Sexist and rude politicians

Published:Thursday | April 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Whether it is Republican Representative Joe Wilson shouting: "You lie!" at the president of the United States or K.D. Knight, a Jamaican senator, shouting: "Stupid!" across the aisle in reference to Senator Dorothy Lightbourne, uncouth behaviour has become more commonplace.

More than ever, elected and selected representatives at the highest levels all across the world are displaying immature behaviour. If you watch the news on a regular basis or happen to peruse the many videos online with politicians acting crudely in their respective parliaments, you can conclude that this has become a shocking trend.

They display behaviour where you can disrespect your colleague, shout insults at the opposition, walk out when you feel like, or disrupt a speech all in the name of democracy and passion. It is an unpleasant trend that should be halted.

Parliamentarians and senators should act in a manner to encourage their being held up as role models. Our youth should not have to look on in disgust and shame; we want our representatives to pursue excellence and lead by example.

Ten votes

The Senate with 10 votes suspended K.D. Knight for his "rude, disrespectful and unparliamentary behaviour". What I found alarming was that his opposition colleagues voted in a manner that apparently sanctioned his crude behaviour sending the wrong signal.

What K.D. Knight did was uncouth and bordering on sexist. For two and a half years, we have watched K.D. Knight disrespect Senator Dorothy Lightbourne and many of us have turned a blind eye. I am disappointed that advocacy groups did not come out to express their repugnance of K.D. Knight's 'stupid' remark. What will be the tipping point?

I am, etc.,