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Shameful editorial

Published:Thursday | April 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I refer to your editorial in March 30 titled 'The shaming of Champs' and find the editorial itself to be shameful.

That you would find it necessary and appropriate to single out the action of one athlete - an action which is so commonplace in our society that it leaves me baffled as to the interpretation you put to it - and to reprimand that athlete and his school in your editorial and give it such a title, leaves me truly disappointed in The Gleaner.

Having watched the (poorly) televised coverage of Champs on TV and having attended the event last Saturday, there are so many high as well as low points which I noted. I am amazed that the 'behaviour' of which you complain made it to the top of your list to cause you to write an editorial on it. Did the writer make any inquiries as to what the athlete may have meant when he made the gesture complained of?

Party gun salutes

Has the editorial writer ever been to a party in Jamaica and seen the patrons raise their hands in the form of a 'gun salute' when a song they like is played? Did the writer not notice any other "inappropriate" methods of celebrating victory, or mourning defeat? Like athletes showboating when they won or throwing down a baton when they lost, or patrons throwing missiles at the victors when the team they supported lost?

The negativity in your editorial is unnecessary and serves to do nothing but demoralise an athlete who has worked hard to represent his school. Your space would have been better spent praising the athletes and their coaches for the hard work that was put into the event and for once again putting Jamaica in the spotlight for its athletics talents. These athletes and their coaching staff sacrifice so much in preparing for these games while balancing their schoolwork and careers and no mention is made of that in your editorial.

It is indeed your editorial, rather than the athlete's method of celebration, that has diminished Champs.

I am, etc.,