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Elva ready to wrangle Comedy Dons

Published:Saturday | April 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

One of Jamaica's funniest women, Elva Ruddock, will be the lone female on a bill of comedic superstars that will take the stage at the fourth JA/USA Comedy Connection. And Elva is ready to keep the boys in line.

To be held tomorrow at the Backyaad Entertainment Complex on Constant Spring Road in Kingston, organisers of the JA/USA Comedy Connection are dubbing this event the 'Comedy Dons Edition', as it features "some of the baddest comedians in the business".

Elva will rock the stage and provide her famous style of comedy not only as an act, but also as emcee in charge of the night's proceedings. Elva is yet to encounter a crowd that doesn't like her or her brand of comedy.

"I can't tell jokes to save my life. I talk about my life's trials and personal experiences and for some sadistic reason people find it funny. Growing up the way I did, mi nuh have no shame tree," she said.

The organisers of JA/USA Comedy Connection, Pro Starz Dot Com Entertainment, are counting on Elva's style to add to the anticipated high-energy laughter-included event. In fact, the event's coordinator, Novar Excell, said that they are counting on Elva to give the show balance.

"Our line-up is star-studded, no doubt about that. We have BET A-List comedian Shang and local comedians like Ity and Fancy Cat, Rohan Gunter, Emporer and Leighton Smith. And in addition to that, we have another international comedian from Canada, who we are keeping as a surprise. But Elva is the lone female act on the show, and trust me, I know she's gonna keep Backyaad entertained," Excell said.