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Where is the money to come from?

Published:Saturday | April 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

This letter is for Rev Devon Dick.

You are supposed to be a man of God, but you appear to be a troublemaker. You try to make trouble for this government every chance you get. Look at the column you penned on Thursday about the nurses and the government, that the Government is reneging on a signed contract.

Mr Dick, for your information, it is not the Government that owes the nurses, it is the country. Where is the money to come from? Haven't you seen what has happened with the world recession? Are you, Mr Dick, willing to pay more taxes in order to pay the nurses that you are so concerned about?

Have you seen what has happened to bauxite and alumina, remittances and tourism and the devastating effects the fallouts have had on our economy? If you have, then how can you be writing such a disgusting column?

Please amend your ways. You are supposed to be a parson, therefore much more even-handed. In other words, tell the truth. With the sort of partisanship that I see you display in your columns I could never sit in your church and allow you to preach to me. You obviously are just like Garnett Roper.

I am, etc.,