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Poor SCQ behaviour

Published:Saturday | April 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I watched with great excitement the 2010 TVJ Schools' Challenge Quiz (SCQ) finals. It was indeed a good match and heartiest congratulations to St Jago High on their well-deserved win. I don't think anyone would disagree but there was no real loser that night. Both teams did extremely well.

After a good match I was disappointed and disgusted with two separate displays of disrespect and ill-mannered behaviour by both teams.

First, Kingston College's reaction to the results. After having won nine times I presume they thought the match should have been handed over to them so they could have their '10 in 2010'. It was as if they felt that the judges decision was incorrect. The KC boys frowned and made it clear that they thought that St Jago won the match unfairly. How rude!

Next - and I can't decide if it was the worse of the two incidents - one of the St Jago team members' repulsive act of wiping the corner of the cake with his finger and licking it more than once. Oh my goodness! Did someone not tell him he was on national television? Maybe a new category in the SCQ should be 'social graces'. Where do we go from here?

I am, etc.,