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Sick & tired of my workplace

Published:Saturday | April 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Yvonnie Bailey- Davidson, Gleaner Writer

Dear Counsellor:

I am having problems at my workplace. I get frustrated and sometimes want to quit. I am going back to school and hope to branch out in another profession.

- Carol

Dear Carol:

Stress at the workplace is real and challenging. There are practical issues to be considered. We all need to work in order to occupy our time and pay the bills.

The stresses at work lie with individuals, plans, programmes and the environment. I have found that people become deluded with overly ambitious and grandiose plans. Things need to be done slowly, with great accuracy and effectiveness. The workload varies with busy times and slow times.

There are certain activities that enhance one's chances of improving conditions in the workplace. You are doing one of the correct things. Keeping ourselves informed and upgrading our skill and learning capacity is very important. When we are armed with the knowledge and skills, we will be better equipped to make the required changes.

It is good to keep yourself abreast of the job market. By looking in the newspapers, we will see all types of jobs advertised. This information is helpful in staying in touch with current trends and changes.

These days, going back to school is made easier with distance learning and Internet training. We need to be aware of the administrative, financial and technical aspects of any job to make us marketable. As you know, you can make vertical or horizontal changes at the workplace. As people age, they want to do new things and try out new ventures. Some people take up the helper role in many jobs, which allows them to make a valuable contribution to humanity.

Volunteerism is good, as it is beneficial to both the volunteer and the helped. Volunteerism gives us the means of meeting significant people and gaining valuable experiences. Those experiences might allow us to make career changes or meet prospective spouses. The fact that one can make a significant change to an individual's life is in itself pleasing to the heart.

Many times we feel discouraged and frustrated at the workplace. We need to evaluate ourselves and our work to identify what changes are needed. We need to be guided by God as to what our purposes and goals are in life. With God as guide, seek the best that life has to offer.

Managing time wisely

Dear Counsellor:

I am 43 years old, married with two children, a professional and an avid Christian. I have difficulty managing my time and completing my activities. I would like some suggestions on how to cope.

- Velma

Dear Velma:

It's imperative to organise oneself and prioritise tasks. You need to make a list of all the activities you are involved in. With this list, you will be able to see how your time is being spent. Taking care of yourself, looking after your husband and children, and working are your priorities. Your relationship with God takes centre stage, and from this you can plan your activities.

Plan your strategies carefully. There are only 24 hours in a day and you need time to sleep. Sleep regenerates your body and refreshes your spirit.

We all need help from others to function effectively. Your family of origin and extended family can help you to do childcare activities. You may be able to carpool with friends or co-workers.

Stress management and the pursuit of happiness are at the forefront of our lives. We need to manage the stressors and our responses to them. Sometimes we overgeneralise and ascribe negative thoughts to certain activities. We need to have a positive attitude, combined with tolerance and persistence.

What is required of us is a commitment towards our tasks so that our goals can be achieved. We need to make a schedule of our activities and devise a framework to help us complete the tasks. Having set up schedules and frameworks, we need to look at time management to ensure that our time is wisely spent.

When you set goals, you are able to weed out the unnecessary activities or behaviours that will impede your progress.

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