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Religious leaders 'dogish' behaviour?

Published:Monday | April 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Soloist

I don't know about you, but I take serious issue with the ongoing problems of priests and other church leaders who have sworn to be like Jesus going back on their promise and becoming the subject of headlines about sexual improprieties. If I were God, I would smite them down as they carry out these acts against young boys and girls as well as church sisters all across the world.

The problem of more and more Catholic priests forgetting their vows and ending up scandalising the church is all the fault of the church. The very church now caught up in the scandal has turned a blind eye all these years, and now it's all coming to light.

And it will continue to come to light as long as these cowardly men continue hiding in the seminary. Outrageous headlines will continue to be made as long as there is nothing in place to screen homosexuals from entering the priesthood. More secrets will be divulged as long as gays continue to ignore the teachings of the Bible against their same-sex-loving lifestyle. Stories will come to bump as long as gays refuse to understand that you cannot be a born-again believer and follower of Jesus Christ and be gay. You can't just do it and blame God for making you that way, or pray it away, or say you are right because He loves everybody.

Shame on all!

Don't get me wrong, I am equally as appalled by the heterosexual priests who conduct sexual affairs with the nuns next door and the born-again Pentecostals and other denomination leaders who can't leave little girls or their church sisters alone. Shame on you all! Shame on you brethren for hiding your actions behind the religious robes. Shame on the miserable lot of you who walk the Earth in stiff-necked white collars and cover your lust beneath flowing robes.

Your behaviour is bad enough to put the four-legged collar-wearing creatures to shame. You cry shame on other criminals in the land when you too are guilty of rape, carnal abuse, buggery and even murder when you get rid of the seed planted in secret. You are common criminals who are unfortunately fortunate enough to escape the consequences because of yours and the church's hypocrisy.

As for a desire to marry, you should not be allowed. Men in the priesthood who want to marry women are in the minority. Most of the sex scandals we hear about involve men. Are we ready to have men marrying each other in Jamaica? I don't think so. What needs to happen is for these man who crave the flesh to be honest enough to get out of the church hierarchy and admit that they are not fit to lead others along a spiritual and moral path. Stop covering crimes and wrongs against children and vulnerable women. You are as big a danger to society as the other criminals.

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