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Five popular 'home gym' machines

Published:Monday | April 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

If you gave up any fatty, juicy foods for Lent, don't go jumping back into them just yet.

Why not see the post-Easter, rest-of-your-life period as a start to a new fitness campaign? Home gym equipment are very popular (partly because they don't take up that much space). Here are five of the most popular ones.

The multi gym

Does not specialise on a specific body part, as the various exercises on the machine target different areas of the body. The number of exercises may amount to about 50 in just one machine. Many multi-gyms will also allow more than one individual to use the machine. So call all your 'work out' buddies and have fun while exercising. It adds a bit of excitement to the activity. You can also work out with your family so as to encourage exercise in the household. Besides, you can spend quality time together with your family in your gym, at your own home.


Elliptical trainers offer a comfortable, non-impact exercise activity that almost anyone can do. The movement is horizontally oval. You can adjust the intensity or keep the movement easy. It is currently the most popular item in health clubs and you may want to try out several models before selecting one.

Stationary bike

Widely used for exercising at home. They offer a non-impact cardiovascular workout and are great for the overweight person just starting to exercise. They primarily use the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Jump rope

Sounds simple, but it is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that requires balance, strength and agility. You can use it nearly any time and anywhere as a complete workout or, for quick intervals between weight training sets or circuit training stations. Pack one in your suitcase and you will never miss another workout due to your travel schedule.


Let you walk or run indoors regardless of the time of day or weather. When purchasing, look for one with a solid, smooth action, a steady pace, wide belt, safety shut off and incline settings. Make sure any treadmill you consider is built to withstand a substantial load, as running on a treadmill creates a great deal of force. Be sure to check the warranty and customer service.

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