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Myopic JFF management

Published:Monday | April 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

After reading the story on the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) dilemma titled 'Last-gasp effort' that was published in The Gleaner on April 1, I had to pause thinking first that it was an April fool's joke.

After I digested the story, I realised that the money owed to the NVA Management was actually from 2006. I could not fathom that for three years, regardless of the past management's failure to honour the debt incurred, the present administration could not find any way to attempt to close the chapter sooner, but to wait to blame the past administration for the debt. How petty!

A debt is a debt

This appears rancorous, and to display that adolescent behaviour at the top level - a case of let's blame it on Tom because he's not here attitude. A debt is a debt no matter from which administration and within the policies governing any body, unless there is a dispute as how it was incurred, then it is owed and should be honoured. One would have thought that being cognisant of this from early would have meant to any well thinking leader that communication to the entity owed would be first, and a plan for payment agreed on.

Conscious, mature leaders would, after taking up office in 2007, review the situation facing the football club and deal with the issues, and in such a manner that confidence would never be considered despite the usual pompous mannerism. The JFF is not owned by any individual, it is a club formed in the interest of the youth of Jamaica who possess the potential for this great sport. So positive attitudes and proper management need to prevail. I am sure that despite the financial burdens of the JFF from whichever administration, this situation could have been handled in a different manner and before the appointed time.

I am, etc.,


Spanish Town,

St Catherine