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Easter brunch: Satisfying the senses

Published:Thursday | April 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Get creative and try this Gazpacho martini.
Savour this delectable breadfruit and chicken salad.
Have a bite of these marinated mussels, not only are they tasty but a good source of vitamin B12.
Enjoy some smoked salmon and marlin.
If you're a lover of seafood then this tasty cold seafood salad will definitely have you begging for more.
Grilled vegetables with balsamic dressing. - Contributed photos
Yummy Mediterranean pasta.

Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore, Staff Reporter

The Royal Plantation's annual Easter brunch, held on Sunday, April 4, featured an array of delicious dishes.

The tempting aroma from the food stations teased the palates even before one had a chance to taste them. The Ocho Rios hotel had something for everyone; pork lovers were treated to roasted suckling pig, while those who wanted red meat had a choice between roasted lamb and beef. As Easter is a time for seafood, there was a great spread that included smoked marlin and salmon, seafood salad, curried lobster, Caesar salad with shrimp and tasty marinated mussels.

If you were not big on vegetables the usual way, grilled vegetables marinated in balsamic sauce would have you wanting more. And the breadfruit and chicken salad was very yummy. No brunch can be without the sinful treats. With one glimpse of the dessert station, you were sure to forget the diet. There was chocolate and more chocolate. Chocolate mouse, coffee mouse, cheesecake, dark cherry trifle and a basket made of almond brittle and packed with butter cookies with chocolate chips on top. If you didn't want to feel too bad about breaking the diet, then there was the fresh fruit tart and, of course, a massive platter filled with assorted fruits. Then there were smoothies, gazpacho Martini, champagne, and mimosa.

The best part of the brunch was sitting down with your plate to enjoy your meal with the breathtaking view of the ocean.