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TIP OF THE WEEK - Water Conservation

Published:Thursday | April 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Ena Hunter from the Cedar Valley Community and Joseph Morris from the Redwood Community in St Catherine catch water on Good Friday with a hose in Dover Gully which is a few miles from both communities. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

1. After urinating, tip a little bleach in bowl. This will disguise odour, which means there is no need to flush until a second use or maybe a third. Keep air freshener in the bathroom at all times. When flushing, use the water from your bath.

2. Tip some bleach in a bowl with water to wash dishes. The water you rinse dishes in can then be used to wash next time. Do not pour down the sink, empty on the grass or at the roots of plants. This rinse water may also be used to wipe the floor, just add some disinfectant.

3. When using the washing machine, make sure there is a full load. If not, you will pay more for water and electricity.

4. When using washing machine, turn off fridge, and if possible avoid using appliances such as microwave, hair dryer, iron because the machine uses a lot of electricity. Unplug everything except the fridge and freezer when leaving home for work.

- Lesma Coote

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