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Published:Thursday | April 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Darin Smith
Kehann Kelly
Glen Roy
Jameila Simpson
Roy Stewart
Christine Tounsend
Sonia Robinson
Junior Williams

What should Jamaicans be doing to assist the police in tackling the crime problem?

The Gleaner's news team went through downtown Kingston and Cross Roads to find out what people thought about crime and what could be done about it.

Glen Roy (Downtown)

Right now, the police are the crime men too, and in areas where there is no trouble, they go and make trouble. It is a mixed multitude. In the police force there is good and bad. The people love the police, because it is hard work they do. We need to help them, but there is nothing we can help them with.

Darin Smith (Downtown)

The people should be paying more attention to a lot of things, and cooperating with the police.

Kehann Kelly (Downtown)

Police need to be guarded from their head to their foot. Sometimes you have to feel sorry for the police. They need to be secure so that if they get shot at they won't be killed.

Christine Townsend (Cross Roads)

We need now to be more cooperative with the police, because the people know things, and so without us being more cooperative we are not going to solve the crime problem.

Jameila Simpson (Downtown)

The crime must be reported, and then followed up by other people. The response time of the police must be quick. There is a lack of communication between the police and the citizens, so there needs to be some centres where the police and the people can interact and get the trust, because the people know who do the crimes, and they need to say. The trust needs to be built up, because now there is a lack of communication and unity.

Roy Stewart (Cross Roads)

We need to give more information to the police, because the truth is people don't trust the police.

Sonia Robinson (Cross Roads)

The people should help, because a whole lot of things are really going on. Some of the ways some people help, but the police give people away.

Junior Williams (Cross Roads)

They need to give them more information, and the crime rate would go down with the cooperation.