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A citizen in dismay

Published:Friday | April 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

The country had no hurricanes in 2009, nor did it have any significant or consistent period of rain between early last year and the present. What measures did the Government and its opposing party put into place or propose to combat the adverse effects that we are now experiencing?

I am angered by our ministers of government talking nonsense. Why are Water Minister Horace Chang and Agriculture Minister Christopher Tufton just now realising that the country would have experienced a water crisis this year? Were they not in the country all of last year? Furthermore, the reactivation of dormant wells, as proposed by Chang, with everywhere being dry is senseless. Doesn't he realise how illogical his suggestion sounds? And even if the idea wasn't his, he should have his advisers or assistants suspended for such belated proposals!

Importing water?

The next thing we will be hearing, unless the Opposition becomes too preoccupied with some other blunder the Government makes, is that the Government is using millions of the money borrowed from International Monetary Fund to import water for our basic use and agriculture

It is sad; so much of our salaries go into paying these ministers of government and the opposing party and none recognised that drastic measures should have been initiated from last year to relieve the severity of our water crisis. Why did they have to wait until we experienced agricultural losses of crops amounting to millions of dollars?

While visiting the Hermitage Dam, Chang's remark to the media was that the measures that he now plans to put into place will allow for specific scheduled water lock-offs. Yes, how vital this is, to inform the public of scheduled water lock-offs and turning ons? Clearly, the present policy of turning on and locking off water that we experience is benefiting only a handful of people, specifically those who can afford to purchase and install tanks which automatically fill up. Persons who are at work during the day would not benefit from water being turned on during the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Our Government and the members of the opposing party need to get their priorities in order. Day after day it is becoming quite clear that these officials are not acting in the long-term best interest of the Jamaican people.

I am, etc.,