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let's talk life...Redundancy crisis

Published:Saturday | April 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dear Counsellor:

I will be made redundant at the end of the month. I am bewildered and frightened and don't know what to do. I have been working for 15 years.

- Sonia

Dear Sonia:

Job separation can be traumatic and can cause heartbreak for the individual. However, it is a loss you will have to deal with. In grieving, you will go into denial, become angry, get depressed and finally accept the situation. You may need to see a counsellor to help you to cope with the changes.

You will receive money which you will have to invest wisely. You can buy real estate or put it into a high-yield US-dollar account. You will still have to sort through monthly living expenses until you pick up a job. Spend wisely and remember that you are unemployed.

You need to take some time to rest and plan for the future. You will have to assess your skills and decide if you need to go back to college in order to become more marketable. Speak with a career coach who will help you to assess your aptitude for certain fields. Maybe you need to start a small business or migrate to greener pastures.

Having assessed yourself, you will need to start job hunting. You will need to prepare your cover letter and résumé. Jobs have never been easy to find. Network with friends and relatives to find jobs in a variety of fields. Skills are transferable, so keep your options wide.

Child neglect

My neighbour is mentally ill and is not taking care of her children. The children are often hungry and are not going to school. What can I do?

- Marcia

Dear Marcia:

Call the Child Development Agency so it can locate relatives or place them in a children's home.

You should also call the community mental-health officers for your parish so they can visit and assess