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Shaw wants an end to corruption

Published:Saturday | April 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

FINANCE AND the Public Service Minister Audley Shaw yesterday acknowledged that extortion and corruption had become major crises in Jamaica.

Speaking at his post-Budget press conference at the Ministry of Finance, National Heroes Circle in Kingston, Shaw said political will and cooperation from every Jamaican were needed to effectively tackle the twin monsters.

Quizzed by journalists as to what the Government was doing to cramp extortion in the country, the minister indicated that his colleague, Dwight Nelson, would be able to address that matter more directly.

However, he said if the problem of crime, in all its forms, was not dealt with courageously, "then you are going to see a continual disintegration of public order, and when you have the continual disintegration of public order it becomes a threat to our democracy."

He stressed that extortion and corruption were fundamental issues that had to be dealt with.