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Blazin' Bacchanal road march

Published:Monday | April 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM
The rains never ruined the fun and frolic for these revellers. - Photos by Norman Grindley /Chief Photographer
One-man revelry.
Socaphiles 'group up' as they march down Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew.
Revellers make the most of the event.
Revellers enjoying the soca madness as they march down Lady Musgrave
Socaphiles 'group up' as they march down Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew.
Revellers make the most of the event.

Traffic came to a halt yesterday afternoon in New Kingston, as revellers from all walks participated in the annual Bacchanal Road March, despite the scorching midday sun.

It appeared nothing would have stopped the thousands of revellers from enjoying themselves, as they danced through the streets in immaculately designed costumes.

The socaphiles had their every need tended to as an on-the-spot medical team, travelling janitors and a large number of police personnel ensured a comfortable process. And with all concerns allayed, it was now left up to the revellers to make the most of the experience.

They danced freely and expressively to soca hits from Machel Montana as if there was no tomorrow. Truly, there was never a dull moment, as the energy level was high continuously from the starting point at Mona Road to the terminal at Mas Camp.

Onlookers watched in amusement. They seemed entertained by the revellers' vigorous gyrations on each other.

The police provided security but on several occasions needed a little rescuing themselves as over zealous females flung their bodies on them, as well as the police cars.

Of the seven music trucks made available, FAME FM's proved to be the one carrying the most swing. Popular radio station disc jockey Kurt Riley had the crowd at his will.

The rain threatened on several occasions, but more and more the revellers showed determination, and on every street the sidewalks were filled with onlookers.

Coupling up was the order of the day, and many could be seen embracing in a seductive manner with Busy Signal's Up In Har Belly playing in the background.

Amazingly, the rains never ruined the fun and frolic as the bacchanalians proceeded to Mas Camp for what was a stellar finish.

- Roxroy McLean