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Try cosmeceutical tanning

Published:Monday | April 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Winsome stands inside the domed tan tent as the tanning solution is applied. Look at her now and check out the after photo.
A tanned Winsome is confidently showing off her even toned body. Accessories by Island Gems and swimsuit by Kerry manwomanhome.

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

When you think of tanning, the sun is thought to be the most important factor. Well, take away the sun and replace it with a tanning solution and you will get an equally beautiful tan.

Marie Hall-Smith of The Face Place has been offering the service of cosmesceutical tanning for over a year. "The sun's rays can be harmful and too much exposure can cause premature wrinkling, skin cancer and other conditions. We decided to do this based on requests and so we had to carry out research to find the best product which will give a natural golden bronze glow".

The tanning solution is perfect for every skin type and is more suited for Caucasian to medium skin tones. And for darker tones, Hall-Smith says the solution could act as perfector giving off a bronze perfection look.

Since its introduction, the response to the service has been positive. "It has been going very well and is especially well received by the Asians (oriental) and Caucasians. They love it, many of them even do it before going into the sun. And when the skin is tanned the body appears to be more svelte and the tone becomes even, giving people that extra confidence."

Cosmeceutical tanning is said to be safe as it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, perfumes, alcohol or dyes. The tan which results from its use, fades naturally over a 10-day period just as how one would, after having a sun tan. The only positive difference is that there is no peeling, unlike the sun tan.


On the day of service, clients are advised to exfoliate at home or to do a body scrub, which is available at the spa. They are asked to wear a swimsuit of choice; however, for those who do not want tan lines, there is also the option of going nude. "We also give clients patsies (tan slippers), and the option of wearing disposable thongs to go into the domed tan tent. The client is then sprayed from neck to ankle, hands and feet are sprayed last and then the face," notes Smith about the procedure.

The procedure, which takes between 20-30 minutes, costs $4,500. However, clients can benefit from a frequent-tan programme. "Every tan after the first one received within the six months is $4,000 and the sixth tan is free," notes Hall-Smith.

Appointments for the tanning service are recommended; a day in advance is sufficient. With no discomfort experienced, no baking in the sun for long hours for a tan, which sometimes is uneven, the tanning solution seems like a convenient and effective way of achieving a natural tan. To allow the tan to last its time, all the client has to do is follow the before-and-after care advice.

Model: Winsome Bedward

The Face Place is located at 48 Constant Spring Road . Telephone: 929-8356