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Carolyn Cooper's folly

Published:Monday | April 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I think Carolyn Cooper could have made her point well, that she esteems in high regard the 'yahoolish (Jamaican language)' without dragging a sensitive Christian doctrinal tenet to such low level of confusion, almost bordering on the sacrilegious.

It is no wonder that one Bible author says that the things of God are foolishness to the people of the world (those whose minds are not controlled by the Spirit of God)- even the so-called intellectuals. The doctrine of heaven is a beautiful concept outlined in scripture, and well-thinking and intelligent individuals must not buy into apparent intellectual gibberish such as Cooper's treatise in Sunday's edition of The Gleaner.

'hellish' concept

Also insinuated in the article is the 'lie' that the dead can communicate with the living. Too many of us Jamaicans allow ourselves to be fooled by this 'hellish' concept (that the dead aren't really dead). When a man/woman dies, scripture teaches clearly he/she goes to the grave and rests in a sleep-like state, until the resurrection, when each will be called back to life to answer to the 'just judge' of the universe - God. No dead goes straight to heaven or hell but to the grave.

Like Carolyn though, I place high esteem on the Jamaican language. We are quick to accept foreign languages and dialects as authentic but are reserved in accepting our own. Patois is what identifies us as being uniquely Jamaican, and I think we should speak it with confidence anywhere we are in the world, even when we get to heaven.

I am, etc.,


Denham Farm District

Christiana PO