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Published:Tuesday | April 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Good pick in Thomas

I must commend the former commissioner of police Lucius Thomas for offering himself to represent the People's National Party in North Western St Ann. The people of North West St Ann are crying for good leadership.

Thomas has proven himself to be a trustworthy person and a man who wants to see a better Jamaica. This man wants to help create a Jamaica where everyone is respected and, most important, to create a Jamaica where no one is above the law.

Jamaica needs more men like the former commissioner of police, who wants to save Jamaica from criminals.

Wayne Simmonds

Deplorable road conditions

I would like to inform you of the deplorable road condition from May Pen to Chapelton. The road has been in this condition for some time now but has worsened with the recent rains. It is now posing a serious problem as drivers have to be playing hopscotch on the road, trying not to fall into the potholes. This can cause accidents.

The drive usually takes 10 to 20 minutes; now it takes 30 minutes or more. The nature of the journey makes us tired for school, thereby making learning difficult. Numerous letters have been written; some actions have been taken, but not enough to alleviate the problem. We are in the rainy season and the roads continue to deteriorate. The rain is destroying the road and will soon cause a breakaway.

I am appealing to the relevant authorities to carry out action to fix the roads.

Allison-Gaye Bryan

Turn to God

This great nation, Jamaica land we love, was chosen by God as spiritual Jerusalem; to live the will of God in the earth for the rest of the world to observe and adopt. It is for this reason we were given such highly spiritual motto, anthem and pledge which should form the basis of our daily lifestyle as Jamaicans. God did not choose us because we are labelled the most religious country in the world, as this does not impress God. We agreed at independence that we would stand before God and all mankind, living every word of the pledge for the glory of Almighty God and thus allowing him to exalt us before the rest of the world.

God intended for us not just to be the sprint capital of the world but that we would be a great nation that truly loves God and worship Him in spirit and in truth.