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Peter's Damascus Road?

Published:Tuesday | April 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Did I hear right this morning (Monday)? Was it a dream or was Dr Peter Phillips, senior member of the People's National Party and former minister of national security, saying on 'Nationwide' that he was against the oppression that members of garrison constituencies are forced to live under?

This is a life where the don is the new slave master, the people his slaves who must do his will 'or else', and where young girls (and sometimes boys) have to be ready to satisfy his sexual urges as the phone call comes.

The reason I am surprised to hear this coming from Dr Phillips is that large sections of his constituency are serious garrisons where the situation he describes so graphically prevails. Further, his party has the vast majority of garrisons - around 10.

So when did your Damascus conversion take place, Dr Phillips, and what are you doing, as a senior politician, to set free the poor unfortunate people of Jamaica.

I am, etc.,



Kingston 10