Thu | Feb 2, 2023

Regressive journalism

Published:Tuesday | April 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

It was with relief that I noted some months ago the paradigm shift of The Gleaner away from the negative and macabre sensationalism embodied in the front page headlines highlighting death, grief and mayhem; to providing instead more positive or at least more balanced news.

I submit to you that I find the daily murder toll on the front page a regression to the shock and horror sensationalism, which I had hoped was replaced by more enlightened journalism.

The political will to move towards more meaningful policies and enact them will not come from this display called the 'murder toll'.


Instead of engendering creative, novel ideas on how to solve the crime wave threatening to engulf us, it serves to increase the hopelessness and dismay, and to demotivate the populace. This front page item is to your local and international readership, an index of our distress and can do nothing to encourage production, investment or tourism so vital to our economic (and psychic) resuscitation.

You instead give victory and incentive to those who thrive on mayhem and murder to add more notches to their belts. They see a daily endorsement of their efforts and will be validated in their quest to 'create more duppies'.

If you must highlight the toll I implore that you remove it from its place of prominence and endeavour to serve up news that shows the calibre of journalism that can inform and uplift in these trying times.

I am, etc.,