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So what of Comrade Lucius?

Published:Tuesday | April 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM


The universal truism that action speaks louder than words has been potently reinforced by the selection of former commissioner of police, Lucius Thomas, by the People's National Party (PNP) to contest the seat in NW St Ann in the next election. This action by the PNP could hardly send a clearer signal that the party has no intention or plans to improve on the quality and expertise of those it foists on the people whose interests they ought to represent.

After more than a decade in leadership positions in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Mr Thomas' credentials as an effective leader, capable of strategising and producing sustained desired results, are yet to be written. In the absence of this important 'green light', then on what basis can the PNP promise better representation? Absolutely none, because our politics is never about representing the people's welfare, but about gaining power by whatever means necessary.

Scheming and deception

Myopic as they generally are, our politicians seem unable to realise that even when they get through with their scheming and deception the nation, on a whole, suffers irreparable damage. A case in point is the cloud of confusion and uncertainty which hangs over the nation, which has been occasioned by the action of a man many Jamaicans were willing to give the benefit of the doubt because he convinced us that he would preside over the final rites of garrison and other old-style politics.

I remind those who have forgotten that history has never been a kind arbitrator to those who win by deception.

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