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Patrick Beech is 'alive'

Published:Tuesday | April 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Rasbert Turner, Gleaner Writer

Former national and Rivoli United footballer Patrick Beech is alive and well.

At Sunday's Digicel Premier League match between home team Rivoli and Humble Lion at the Spanish Town Prison Oval it was announced that Beech had been shot and killed in the United States, but following a probe by The Gleaner the reports have turned out to be false.

The story, which was carried yesterday, shocked Beech and persons close to the footballer who now reside in the United States.

"Me alive, so them no easy," Beech said yesterday when contacted in the United States, noting that he was driving along the highway on his way "to LA" (Los Angeles).

"Me give thanks still that everything is all right. Me still a do me thing and going to church, everything is working out right now. I am driving on the highway, so I can't do much talking," added Beech, noting that it was illegal to use one's cellphone without an earpiece while driving in the United States.

"I heard from yesterday (Sunday) that them kill him and me call him and him say me frighten him," Sophia Perrin, the mother of Beech's child, told The Gleaner yesterday.

"Them tell me say a over the Prison Oval them hear it, but me frighten when me see it in the paper, '' she added.

Perrin said that she made calls to various media houses yesterday, notifying them that Beech was alive, and was pleased that The Gleaner made contact with her.

Former Jamaica Football Federation and St Catherine Football Association president, Lincoln 'Happy' Sutherland, who had told The Gleaner the club was feeling down with the news, yesterday apologised for the concerns caused by the information given by the club.

"I'm sorry about my comments yesterday relating to an issue about Beech's passing. I'm happy that, as it turned out, he's alive and well and we're extremely happy to know this. All's well that ends well. We're very glad to hear the good news," said Sutherland.

He added: "The news came to Rivoli from a source abroad. The community abroad knows everything that takes place. Just like how couple of weekends ago we got the news that 'Extension' (Mark Wisdom) died. Generally the news is correct and we've no reason to doubt that because the sources are impeccable.

"We're very happy that it's a mistake. We're very sorry for the anxiety that the news, coming out like that, created among his family and friends.

"But all's well that ends well," said Sutherland.