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Gov't should pay up!

Published:Wednesday | April 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

We are faced with a situation where three public sector groups in particular are pressuring the Government to pay up and they seem merciless. Let us stop and think for a while. Jamaicans are generally reasonable persons who do not demand much of government. Jamaicans also know that, for years, certain groups have enjoyed high salaries and many perks, while others have had to make-do with very little because they are marginalised. The nurses, in particular those who have a degree, are way below other groups of civil servants with similar qualifications. We also know that these categories of workers have to perform their jobs with limited resources in run-down buildings.

The recession has only caused them to bend under pressure. If governments past had been more reasonable to certain categories of civil servants, particularly professions dominated by women, we would see that the public-sector workers are not unreasonable. It is our system of inequity that is unreasonable.

I am etc.,

Norda Seymour