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Prepare for the rain

Published:Wednesday | April 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Over many years, we as Jamaicans have been experiencing drought and water restrictions. But are we, as a people, preparing ourselves for the impending rain? Have we cleaned the gullies and drains so that when the rain actually comes, we will not experience flooding?

Are the powers that be preparing the reservoirs by desilting, removing algae, etc., in anticipation of the rain? When was the last time we checked our roofs? We have been very short-sighted as a people. Every year we go through this problem, but this year has been the worst that I have experienced.

We need to start replanting the trees and re-establishing our watershed areas so that we generate an atmosphere to produce rain. I believe also that we are being punished for the sins we have committed as a nation. We need to repent! There is too much bloodshed, corruption and other ills taking place in this nation. All these, I believe, are contributing factors why the Lord has shut up the heavens. II Chronicles 7:14 admonishes us to repent and seek God's face. If we do all that the Lord requires of us, He will heal our land and bless us with rain, etc. Are we going to prepare ourselves?

I am,

Concerned Citizen