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VIP Meats, a merger of like minds

Published:Thursday | April 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM
They are VIPs and they know it! From left: Dr Paul Robertson, Donnie Bunting, Dann Kelly and Richard Peters, lamb farmers who have have merged forming VIP Meats. - Janet Silvera Photo

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

When Donnie Bunting owner of Longville Park Farms Limited, decided to diversify his farm operations, he knew that to capture the market he wanted, it would have been ideal to collaborate. He then turned to Dr Paul Robertson, a farm operator of MCP Farms Limited in St Ann who wholeheartedly agreed with the plan.

This two-man merger later led to the inclusion of Dan Kelly and Richard Peters, owners of Goodwill Farms Limited and Midlands Farm Limited respectively. With the four coming together since December last year, today the quartet stand as shareholders and primary investors of VIP Meats, which was derived from BKPR Company Limited The former however, is used as the official trade name.

Main suppliers of lamb

Specialising in the production, processing and marketing of lamb, the farmers are the main suppliers of lamb to the hospitality sector, which includes hotels and restaurants. According to Glenford Millin, consultant for VIP meats, the individual farms combined account for 56.1 per cent of sheep production in Jamaica.

Still in a relatively early stage, the principal investors are keen on meeting their main objective, which is to improve the reproductive capacity of their sheep breeding stock, and enhancing on-farm operational efficiency for overall growth in farm revenue.

Sourcing loans

Aside from sourcing loans from financial agencies, they have together invested millions in the business. And coupled with the loans that will be accessed, much more is to be invested to ensure the proper production and processing as it relates to lamb production.

With the main source of meat being from sheep, other by-products are available through VIP meats. According to Millin, sausage, ham and burger are produced. Through the availability of these products, many persons have now been introduced to the variations of lamb meat.

With a superb business concept and a strong demand for the lamb meat, VIP Meats has been working assiduously to introduce and expose people to the new brand. To gain visibility, the company has been a part of expositions, showcasing the lamb products. Just recently at a Wine and Dine function held in Montego Bay, VIP Mats was on hand to treat guests to its lamb products.

With their vast experience and a common interest, the four masterminds behind VIP Meats are among the leading farms in Jamaica producing lamb . Together with their vision and past accomplishments, VIP Meats is bound to improve the sheep rearing and lamb production, while satisfying the growing demand for lamb meat.