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Ever tried a mammee apple?

Published:Thursday | April 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Mammee Apple looks much like a naseberry and is even sweeter. - Barbara Ellington/Lifestyle Editor
Unripe mammee apple. - Nashauna Drummond/Lifestyle Coordinator

Mammee Apple: The rough, oval brown fruit grows on an evergreen that's believed native to the Caribbean region. The small fruits are eaten raw (peeled first), stewed or made into jams and preserves.

The mamey (mammea americana) is also known as mammee apple. This tropical fruit is related to the mangosteen and is the size of a large orange. The mamey has a thick, russet bitter skin and sweet, juicy reddish or yellow flesh, with a taste similar to a naseberry. The raw fruit is often served in fruit salads or with wine, sugar or cream, especially in Jamaica. In The Bahamas, the flesh is first soaked in salted water in order to remove its bitterness.

The skin is very soft when ripe and you can just cut it and eat with a spoon or directly from the peel.

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