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Thursday talk: hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Published:Thursday | April 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM

1.  On the move!

 No official confirmation yet, but there is talk aplenty that the company head-quarters will be moved to The Bahamas.

2.  Ready for the carpet

Some in civil society are expressing concern that the Brady/Manatt, Phelps and Phillips matter is to be treated like it is an internal party matter and swept under the carpet instead of being fully aired, and those culpable identified.

3. Very little cash

 From the heady days of Olint and Cash Plus, there were two SUVs and a spare car, with lots of cash to spare that saw lots of shopping trips and conspicuous consumption. Now, the family is down to one motor car, and sometimes friends have to chip in!

4. 300 visas

 The story making the rounds speaks of some 300 visas that have been cancelled, but some of those affected are too embarrassed to fess up, and as it is only the United States government that knows for sure, those affected are not talking. One thing is certain, however, and that is there is no sympathy for the Government's position on the outstanding extradition request.

5. Paternity tests

There's more talk of paternity tests to deter-mine who fathered the other children, as the first one came back negative!

6. No substance

 Some seem to think the one dubbed 'The Loqua-cious One' is losing credibility, as things progress. They say form has usurped substance and, as a result, the office is being brought into disrepute!

7.  Low profile

First, there was the bit about the real estate! Then there was the business about the pot! Now, there is the bit about competency. Some say the family has caused the organisation to take such a beating, they need to adopt a low profile and dial it down!

8. Missing millions?

 Whispers abound of missing millions in one public-sector organisation!