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Growing antisocial behaviour

Published:Friday | April 16, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I accompanied my wife and two small children to the Caymanas River recently to soak up some of the cool water and relaxation it offers. This venue is visited by a wide sector of persons and really is a lovely spot to swim in the fresh, cool water. It recently made the news as members of a family fought over different aspects of making money from parking and food vending. As a result of their ignorance, a small child was killed by a stray bullet.

People from the area have now embarked on a rebuilding process as the food stalls which were burnt to the ground are now being resurrected. I, personally, do not mind the display of entrepreneurship as this is a positive but, when it comes on to the music selector, he is obviously totally lost in space.

Decibel level

His selection religiously describe the act of assuming pleasure between two consenting adults, but unfortunately the anatomy of the woman is turned inside out. The songs are played at a decibel level for the surrounding communities to hear. This is also done without any consideration for the many small children there with their families. It also goes hand in hand with the smoke clouds from ganja being burnt, not by the security forces, but by young men who hang out by the music shack. The only other way I could find to describe the words within the noise would be something of a large construction drill being utilised to drill holes in a road. Young girls can be observed moving to the rhythm without missing a motion of how the drill operates. If this is what the young women of today appreciate, then sex and their bodies have become entirely commercialised.

It is very unfortunate that the Broadcasting Commission does not have the powers to curtail this kind of public noise and nuisance and the security forces do not apparently concentrate their efforts in this area.

Because of the nature of this practice, we have to now recognise that our young are being raised in very challenging surroundings. I do, however, hold on to the hope of better days coming for this country.

I am, etc.,


Spanish Town

St Catherine