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Jamaica How come?

Published:Saturday | April 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Taking a cue from the JPS advertising campaign and certainly because I must be as naive as a child to ask the following questions.

How come every year after heavy rains the rainwater collection aqueduct along Gordon Town Road gets filled with landslide debris preventing water going to the reservoir? Then National Water Commission has a backhoe and workmen working feverishly throughout the night to clear.

How come after all these years no one has figured out a way to prevent the blockage from happening, and also increasing the collection and capacity of the aqueduct?

How come a policeman can be standing in front of the US Embassy in Liguanea while touts direct vehicles the wrong way around the one-way system to park, blocking traffic and causing near accidents?

Can't see everything

How come when it is pointed out to said police officer his response is, "I can't see everything; now move along and stop blocking traffic," yet he is only 25 yards away from the anarchy transpiring up the street?

How come one can be away from home for two weeks, or install energy saving devices and get a higher actual light bill than ever before?

How come government only ever seems to act when there is money to be made or an issue becomes the subject of media attention?

How come we have two members of parliament being investigated on criminal charges yet still retain their seats in Parliament? I know we are not everywhere else, but everywhere else they would be asked to resign.

How come for the most part people drive on the left and overtake on the right on Highway 2000, but on any other dual carriageway it is a free for all?

How come the police never pull anyone over for blocking the overtaking lane?

These are but just a few of the perplexing questions I ask myself every day.

I am, etc.,