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Published:Saturday | April 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Tamara deSouza (left) and Agatha Pinder-Foulkes.
Natasha Birthwright and Michael Mahfood.

  • Tamara deSouza (left) and Agatha Pinder-Foulkes.

Our camera caught up with Tamara deSouza and Agatha Pinder-Foulkes chilling at the popular TGI Friday's. The two have been friends for a year and are both medical students. Here's an insight into their friendship.

What do you admire most about the other?

Agatha: Her wit, style and intelligence.

Tamara: Aggie is one of the most giving and sincere people I have ever met.

Every friendship has its ups and downs. How do you weather the stormy times and still remain friends?

Agatha: Communication. Whenever there is a problem, we talk it out.

Tamara: We talk it out and stay tolerant.

How would you approach the other when she has done something wrong?

Agatha: Well, we're both outgoing individuals, so I don't have a problem saying that she has done something that I feel was inappropriate, and vice versa.

Tamara: Depends. Calling the police if it's really bad. Lol. Otherwise, a direct approach is best. Bring up the issue ASAP and talk it out.

  • Natasha Birthwright and Michael Mahfood.

Who said males and females can't be just friends? But then again, maybe not. Well, Friend Cam got the opportunity to chat with Natasha Birthwright, a student, and Michael Mahfood, an entrepreneur and also a student.

What would cause a breakdown in your friendship?

Natasha: Lack of communication.

Michael: Disloyalty, betrayal, lack of communication.

What do you have in common with each other?

Natasha: Our personalities - we have the same likes and dislikes - and our family background.

Michael: Our traits and feelings. However, opposites attract to some extent.

How would you cheer up the other when he or she is feeling down?

Natasha: Just being around him and always making him smile.

Michael: Making romantic gestures, having interesting conversations and doing fun activities.

What annoys you the most about the other?

Natasha: Talking to other guys in front of him.

Michael: Nothing. I love to be with her.

- Kemesha Parkins