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NOTE-WORTHY - Wrong name

Published:Saturday | April 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM

  • Wrong name

I write in reference to a letter published in The Gleaner of April 15, under the headline 'Jamaica's problem with domestic abuse'.

The letter, written by Kareen Hewitt, contains inaccuracy which we feel constrained to correct in the interest of giving the general public factual information.

Kindly note that Carol Palmer is no longer the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Justice, as was stated in the letter. The permanent secretary is Robert Rainford, and he has been in the post since February 2009.

We would be much obliged if you would correct the inaccuracy in an effort to ensure that the correct information is disseminated to your readers.

Petrina FrancisSenior Public Relations OfficerMinistry of Justice

  • Dr Phillips, we are waiting

I read your editorial in the paper of April 15, captioned 'Dr Phillips and graffiti' and was impressed, but you stopped short of asking the goodly Dr Phillips to seek to have other areas in Jamaica which are run by dons, guns and drugs to have these eradicated.

Dr Phillips, you are on a road on which you cannot turn back. Jamaica is waiting and watching.

Remember, Tivoli is not the only area needing attention. We need you to speak about this. Jamaica is waiting on you.


  • Better customer service needed

We, as a country, need to develop better customer service skills, especially if we want to adopt the culture of the First-World countries. If anyone should walk into a store to purchase an item, the only reason we would get great service is when that representative will be getting a commission.

We need to understand that things and times are changing and we now not only have competition locally, but internationally and web-based as well. The importance of obtaining and retaining a customer should be at the forefront of these businesses' minds. This will cut down on some of the marketing costs, especially those geared at retaining customers. As a country, we need to understand also that our workers in these organisations need to be compensated for work done; we treat our employees with so much disrespect that it reflects in the customer service they give to the customers.

If monetary rewards cannot be given, offer incentives that will motivate the worker. So often workers don't perform at their best because of their working conditions. A good customer relationship can only be built by a happy representative.