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Profile of a good driver

Published:Sunday | April 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Paul Messam, Contributor

Oneil Peart is an accident-free driver. He drives to save life, time and dollars. He does his button re-inspection check each day. Whenever he climbs into an unusual motor vehicle for the first time, he takes care to learn the whereabouts of the various controls. Once he is on the road, he checks the instrument panel once every few minutes. He is able to snap on the lights, windshield wipers or other instruments without taking his eyes off the road.

"Time spent looking for a dial or a button means time spent with your eyes off the road and this can be dangerous," said Peart. "I adjust my rear-view mirror and my seat to get the best driving position. The brakes are pumped once or twice to ensure that they are in working order."

According to Peart, if he pops over the brow of a hill, "my mind and body are ready for action should a car pass in my lane or a cow wander on to the road."

Peart gives some advice:

1. Stay alert.

2. Concentrate.

3. Stay physically fit and healthy.

4. Ensure that you observe changes in traffic conditions.

5. Drive at a safe speed to suit traffic and weather conditions.

6. Ensure that none of your passengers distract you.

7. Drive safely and sensibly; avoid rushing on the busy roads.

8. Plan well ahead and keep your motor vehicle in good condition.