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Donna-Marie Wellington, A voice for the Lord

Published:Monday | April 19, 2010 | 12:00 AM
The Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing, so I am not searching for a husband; one will find me. - Donna-Marie Wellington. - Norman Grindley /Chief Photographer
Donna-Marie Wellington, A voice for the Lord
Donna-Marie Wellington, inventory control officer for H.D. Hopwood and Company Limited. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Barbara Ellington, Lifestyle Editor

Her day job is the inventory control officer for H.D. Hopwood and Company Limited but her life's calling is to serve, "in the vineyard located at 12 Washington Boulevard, home of the Church of the Open Bible". And for Donna-Marie Wellington, she makes every effort to give 100 per cent to both occupations every day.

When one thinks of the line, "by their fruits ye shall know them", Wellington comes to mind and if magic were possible, her name would appear in the dictionary with the meaning 'true follower of Christ'. To hear her speak about her devotion to the Lord's work is to be inspired to go out and do the same.

But on the job, Wellington who has a staff of three facilitates their on-the-job training as she ensures that Hopwood's inventory system is accurate. Along with her team members who regard her as a 'mother', Wellington's tasks include investigating and providing concise and complete explanations for significant variances, and making sure that things are as they ought to be for the multimillion-dollar company.

She hails from the district called Reserve which adjoins Sherwood Content, Trelawny, home of Olympian Ambassador Usain Bolt. The product of Westwood High School for Girls, Duff's Business College and the University of Technology, Wellington was interviewed by Flair last week.

She has studied accounting to ACCA Level 2 and worked with the Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union, and the Town Planning Department. Asked to say whether there was a difference in working for a secular versus a non-secular organisation, Wellington said no. "The church is a non-profit organisation that relies on donations and contributions, and we never had to worry about where money was coming from to run the Scripture Union because the Lord always provided," she said. "There are many people who are so devoted to the church, they send in their cheques every month," Wellington noted.

She further pointed out that monitoring of the books and accounts of the church is mandatory and there are regular audits. "The church is commanded by God to 'give unto Caesar, the things that are his', so there are systems in place to see that it is done," she said.

Church scandal

With the current sex scandal plaguing the Catholic church, what are Wellington's views?

She believes that popes, ministers and pastors are human beings first but some people hold them in such high esteem that they think they can do no wrong. "I don't know much about the Catholic church, said Wellington who has been a member of the Open Bible Church for all her adult life.

"In many instances, the church is afraid to take action and address these issues, but at my church we are answerable to a board, and all issues are dealt with."

But with calls for the pope's arrest coming from some quarters, how does she feel about the arrest of religious leaders? Wellington says anyone who commits a crime should be punished. "The Bible says a priest should not go into the holy of holies unclean, so he is not above punishment."

Always singing

Perhaps Wellington's biggest passion is singing. "I just love to sing for the Lord," she said. She has even been known to sing in her sleep and she does it in her car, at home and, on occasion, even while at work. Blessed with an excellent voice, her range includes first and second soprano. alto and even bass if necessary. "My voice is versatile and I can just listen to the ranges and reproduce them," she said, adding that she received no formal training. She noted that having to teach the choir helps her with her own talent and her voice has never let her down.

Wellington who gave her life to Christ in 1985, leads the praise and worship hour at church on Sundays; she is a soloist, the choral director, and director of the music and arts department too. She has just finished a three-evening-per-week rehearsal schedule for the annual Easter event and looks forward to Friday-night practice sessions. Known as the 'energiser bunny', she is still on her feet when others are fading and that is simply because she gets joy and strength from the task.

But she also loves to listen to music and some favourites are: the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Donnie McClurkin, Don Moen, Marvin Sapp, Martha Munizzi, as well as Whitney Houston and some classical selections. In spite of her raw talent, Wellington has no desire for a music career; as she believes there will come a day when she will no longer be able to sing so, "I have to do it my best at church for the Lord; all the notes I sing are gifts from Him, so I will continue to sing for Him."

Though she will not divulge her age, Wellington says she is happily single. She explains it thus; "The Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing, so I am not searching for a husband; one will find me." She maintains that having learnt to wait on the Lord, sometimes when He tells us to do something, we may not agree, "but He is right, so I am waiting on His will".

With strong family ties and the early values instilled by her grandmother and mother and the Westwood High School commu-nity, Wellington believes there is a lot to be said for institutions that offer courses that cater to the total development of the individual. For example, from the Charm and Personality course she took at Duff's Business College, she learnt, "dress for the job you want, not the one you have". She recommends that these values that will equip young people for life, ought to be included in the tertiary curriculum.

Is there anything else that Wellington has a burning desire to achieve in her life? She told Flair she does not know what God has in store for her but, "What He wants me to do, I will fulfil that purpose; I don't set those targets without talking to Him so as He leads it will be done."