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Alicia Sanchez to present Favala collection at CFW

Published:Monday | April 19, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Take out the scissors please!

Fun and fashionable 24-year-old Dominican designer Alicia Sanchez will showcase her high-spirited female line, Favala, at Caribbean FashionWeek (CFW) June 8-14 in Kingston.

A true daughter of the Caribbean, Sanchez's designs boast a range of colourful pieces that are trendy and youthful.

A self-taught designer, she got her basic sewing lessons from her mother as a child. Favala explores a myriad of fashion flavours and strives to challenge the mundane and, quite interes-tingly, the colour black. "I love colour and rarely use dark tones. My inspirations come from my heritage as a Caribbean national, as well as my interest in additional cultures, but I never went to any formal design or art school; my passion all comes from within."

The young designer delivers this passion with painstaking detail as her entire collection is hand-made - from stitching to artwork. "Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure the perfect fit. The art and graffiti work is also hand painted with distinctive shapes and colour palettes to complement comfortable loose, free fabrics," says Sanchez.

Stocked with colourful graffiti hoodies, shredded dresses, rompers and matching accessories, Sanchez is excited to make her colourful CFW debut. "CFW is the largest regional fashion showcase and I'm thrilled to be presenting my line here. Hopefully, I will return next year, as well, to showcase my upcoming menswear line."

This year, Pulse has a record number of first-time designers who will be on show. Notwithstanding the newcomers, the stalwarts of regional designs will also be in attendance to present their collections. On average, more than 50 designers from more than 20 countries show each year, including representatives from the French, English, Spanish and Dutch Caribbean, as well as Africa, Europe, North and South America, Central America and Asia.

In addition to the surplus of stylists and international recording stars expected to attend CFW, a special benefit night in support of the Haiti Art and Fashion Project for the rehabilitation and further development of Haiti's creative arts and fashion industries will be added to the line-up of the week's activities.