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PM's slip-up

Published:Wednesday | April 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

PRIME MINISTER Bruce Golding yesterday inadvertently castigated his finance minister, saying he deserved the highest "condemnation" for the work he was doing at the finance ministry.

Golding, however, quickly corrected his slip of the tongue to say he meant "commendation".

"He has faced the most difficult task of any finance minister in the history of this country and he and his team deserve our respect and our condemnation," Golding said, before quickly correcting his blunder to commendation.

Dr Omar Davies, the opposition spokesman on finance, was among those who grinned.

"Him cyaah duh dat to yuh publicly Audley, mi wi back yuh," Davies quipped.

Jab at davies

Golding took a sip of beverage then bounced back from the rope, saying, "I know of people who are not far from me right now who deserve a little condemnation" - a thinly veiled jab at Davies.

Last week, the opposition spokesman on finance chided Shaw for his handling of the economy. He also noted that the national debt had risen from $950 billion when he left office in 2007 to the present $1.4 trillion.

Yesterday Golding shot back. He said that while Jamaica's debt had ballooned by 55 per cent in two and a half years, the United States' debt climbed by 60 per cent and the United Kingdom's by 55 per cent over the same period.