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Golding says sorry

Published:Wednesday | April 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

GOVERNMENT YESTERDAY swallowed the insulting words it spewed in the battle with public-sector workers, with Prime Minister Bruce Golding yesterday saying sorry for all indiscretions.

"There have been times when in the heat of contentious discourse words have been spoken, on both sides, that have caused offence," Golding said in Parliament yesterday.

"To the extent that I, or any of my minister, have been guilty of that, whether in reference to teachers, nurses, police, whatever. To the extent that we have been guilty, we apologise and we recommit ourselves to working with them constructively and in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect for the good of the country," the prime minister added.

Government and public-sector workers have been at odds over compensation issues. The prime minister has acknowledged that workers' agitation is not without cause, as they are owed.

He, however, stressed that the Government could not afford to pay at this time.

The public-sector workers are owed a total of $13.4 billion.