Sat | Mar 25, 2023

24/7 crime reporting

Published:Wednesday | April 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I suggest that the Government establish a "criminal" TV station that operates 24/7, repeating all the unsolved murders, abductions, etc, inclusive of photographs statisticsof all wanted people.

The solution to Jamaica's crime problem is in the hands of the women. Every murderer has a mother and a girlfriend or baby-mother, and they know when their sons and lovers have committed a crime; they know where the guns are kept. They know where they are hiding, seeking refuge; they are providing food and other necessities. They wash the blood from their clothes, they see, receiveand even use the stolen goods.

On the matter of traffic offences (although I have three unpaid seat-belt tickets),I would suggest that the government divest the collection and apprehension of unpaid traffic offenders. This would include the creation of a database such that a motorist cannot have his driver's licence renewed, or even license his personal vehicle. We have to dowhat is necessary to bring law, order and discipline to the country and on the roads.

I am, etc.,