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Pleased to inspire others

Published:Wednesday | April 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Hello Mi Neighbour with Maas Gussie

Hi neighbour! Andrea was unusually elated when she looked across and saw me at church over the weekend. I was not the source of her elation, mark you. She was just excited about how people were showing generosity to one another.

"Kind people are really coming out to assist their neighbours," was the line with which she greeted me. "There is really hope for this country," she continued, hugging me.

In our brief conversation, I told her that mean people were also being inspired to come out to help others as they read this column. A neighbour once told me that every time she reads this column she wants to help one of those listed but dismisses the idea.

However, one week she was so touched by a particular case that she discarded selfishness and assisted the needy neighbour. The experience changed her life! Can bet she is not the only one to be transformed by this process.

Since The Gleaner published a front-page story on the plight of three St Ann children (first highlighted in this column), none of whom can talk or walk, neighbours from all walks of life have been calling to offer assistance to the family.

Persons have pledged prayers, finances, free medical care, free transportation to and from the doctor, visits etc. This story was published in The Gleaner on Monday April 10. If you could get hold of a copy or do a web search, you would see what I am talking about. If you desire to assist the family, you may also contact us at the numbers listed below.

Sewing machine

Donnett, another beneficiary of neighbourly kindness, was moved to tears last Friday morning when she came to collect the sewing machine Mr James had bought for her. Her small family has been facing financial difficulties for a long time. The meagre salary her husband brings home from occasional jobs still cannot make ends meet, even when coupled with her earnings from small-scale sales.

Her dream was to one day own a sewing machine which she would use to make 'runners' in order to boost the family income. When a friend told her about Hello Neighbour, she called us to secure a second-hand machine. Two days after her request was published, Mr James called to assist Donnett with the machine. This kind neighbour, also with a small family, took us all by surprise by purchasing a brand-new sewing machine on hire purchase for this total stranger. What do you call that? Loving thy neighbour as thyself.

While no one can run a business without money, many business persons knowmoney is not the most important factor in running a business. One such business entity is Tara Courier Services. After a neighbour explained to this company that she wanted to get some medication to her mother in the country urgently but could not afford the service charge, they offered to transport it free of cost. She only needed to provide the individual's contact details and the package and it was good to go.

I believe this kind deed will have a greater impact on Tara's revenue than the service charge would! Give and you will receive a greater measure.

And before I go, let me remind you to send up a prayer of thanksgiving for the recent showers. We may not be able to measure its effect on the drought but it tells us we are not forgotten. As many of us face unprecedented challenges, let's remember one another and stand in someone's corner. The list shows some of our neighbours who have been cornered. Which of them will you stand with?

To help, call 906-3167, 884-3866, 373-7745 or 299-3412; or email us at and we will make the link. Those who desire to help us with our financial obligations may make deposits to account 351 044 276 at the National Commercial Bank. (Bank routing password: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to Hello Neighbour, c/o 53 Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10.

Opportunities to help neighbours

1. Carlene, Manchester, doing online course; monitor broke down at a critical juncture. Asking neighbours for a replacement.

2. Ashley, St Catherine, mother of three; her husband died three years ago. Wants to sell juices to help make a living; needs a second-hand refrigerator.

3. Ms Plunket, St Andrew, mother of six; asking neighbours for financial assistance to purchase bleach, etc. to sell for a living.

4. Grace, St Andrew, two years old, has scoliosis and needs a brace which costs more than $250,000.

5. Debbie, Manchester, mother of three; asking for food, clothing and shoes for the children.

6. Wycliffe, Clarendon, senior citizen, badly in need of a bed.

7. Neighbour, St Andrew, single mother, asking for help to pay for son's graduation. Deadline was April 20; it costs $4,000.

8. Neighbour, Westmoreland, 18-year-old mother, asking for clothing and educational toys and books for a one-and-a-half-year-old child. Father refuses to help.

9. Adina, St Thomas, single mother, needs a bed for children.

10. Tamara Clarendon, mother of two, needs a bed.

11. Angela, Manchester, no father to support children; asking for a stove.

Thanks to these neighbours

1. Mr Robinson, Beadle's Supermarket, St Elizabeth, for neighbourly assistance given to Joy, St Elizabeth.

2. Food For The Poor, for coming to Joy's assistance in her time of dire need.

3. Ms Wallen, St Andrew, for donating clothing to Sharon (928-9688), St Andrew.

4. Mrs Lawrence, St Andrew, for donating a sewing machine to a neighbour.

5. Mr James, Kingston, for offering a brand-new sewing machine to Donnett, St Andrew, to help with income generation.

6. Mr Fong, St Andrew, for donating a bed base to Jacqueline (437-8534), St Catherine.

7. Betapack, St Catherine, for donating to the three St Ann children who can neither walk nor talk.

8. Mr Bolt, Middle East, for his kind donation to the well-being of these three young neighbours.